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Site Switch - Web Publishing System

Maintaining your website can be time consuming.  Eveyone has a need to keep updating their content and make sure its relevant to the consumers who are being targeted.  It doesnt matter if you are selling products or services or renting them.  Getting your information online and ontime needs to be fast and easy. 

Open source software sounds good and offers some of what people need but they are slow and over complex for end users and they dont offer all of what a business really needs.

After talking to many customers and listening to their needs we decided to build a complete system and that is Site Switch and back that with the latest service delivery model.


  • Built for mobile
  • Built using the latest web technologies
  • Makes it easier and faster to maintain your website/s
  • The software is maintained and updated by our team of developers
  • We will be here to help you publish your business online and acheive results in a progressive online market.

Software As A Service
  • The cost to own your own software is usually very high
  • You pay a monthly fee based on the services you use and that's it
  • The software is built to suit a number of customers and the costs are spread across those customers
  • Much more than a content management system
  • Maintain multiple websites from 1 user login
  • Create any number of pages
  • Each page can have variable content and different page layouts
  • Support for multiple languages

Product Catalogue
  • Support for any number of products
  • Product Ranges
  • Categories
  • Sub Categories
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Many fields to support your products.  Additional fields can be added if required.
Action Tracking System

From this control panel you can keep track of activity coming in and going out of your website.  All the forms that users fill out on your website will be visible here.  If you subscribe to our contact management system, then you can link emails to contacts.

  • View a list of forms completed on your website by status
  • View a list of email messages by status
  • Relate Email messages to contacts
Email Manager

Send email messages to groups of email addresses from any number of email lists you can maintain on the system.

  • View Email Lists
  • Add, Edit, Remove email addresses to the lists
  • Maintain an Opt Out list so you can be sure that you dont email those addresses again
  • Maintain Email Templates
  • Send Email Messages

Search Engine Friendly
  • Maintain a list of keywords
  • Link keywords to, Pages, Products and other content such as blogs.
  • Maintain Google Analytics code for each website
  • Support for Search Engine Friendly URLS
  • Secure login to website administraton
  • Logs all user activity
  • Lockout feature if someone tries to hack your password
  • Unusual user activity will create an event in the Action Tracking System
User Management
  • Add, Edit and Delete users
  • View list of users by type, Team users, Customers, etc.
  • Assign user roles to users

Other Services
  • Automated Daily backup
  • Full support for trained users
  • System is hosted on our cloud based servers in America
Training and Support
  • We also offer one on one training at your offices in Mauritius or online via webinar technology.
  • Telephone support
  • Online remote desktop support
Optional Modules
  • Client Login
  • Document Manager - Share documents with your clients
  • Shopping Cart
  • Contact Manager
  • Quote Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Invoice Manager
  • Multi user Note system
  • Appointments & Team Diary
  • Stock control
  • Job & Project Manager