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Website Solutions

We create great websites.

Built using the latest technology to make your business stand out.

Mobile technology. We have put lots of effort into building web sites and web applications that run on any mobile device.

Proper design and analysis. We take the time to get it right up front and often create process flow diagrams of the software before we write a single line of code.

For websites you need to plan and test. Everything has to work across multiple browsers and devices.

We can work with your designers or our own to create the website that you will be proud of.

Advanced Hosting

We offer hosting for Windows & Linux servers. Mostly we host the systems we build, but we can also host your other sites and on-line services as well.

Hosting is an important part of your website so we work hard to get it right. We want your site to run fast. We use a combination of servers to do that.

Fast reliable DNS Hosting. Powered by a network of over 500 servers around the world, our system is the most reliable DNS network in the world.

DNS based automatic fail over systems to secondary servers to keep your mission critical websites up and running.

Cloud based scalable hosting.

Media hosting using CDN technology "Content Delivery Networks". Static pages, images and media can all be hosted on a CDN to reduce the work load for your servers. We know how to set-up your systems.

Domain Names

As a one stop shop we can register domain names for any country and we do all the setup and management work to get your sites up and running quickly.

Web Application Development

Mobile and Web software is in demand. Move people are moving out of the office and working on the road and from home. International work force, many business are recruiting teams from around the world or have customers on a global scale. The international market has never been so accessible and with that comes the need for good software which has global access.

One of the great things about the latest Microsoft .Net technology is how easy it is to build great software, they are really working hard to bring the best tools for developers and are changing the software runs on the web to make it better than a desktop system could over do.

We are excited about the new technologies and can see that every business will have to re-think what they are doing and will have to use web bases systems to survive.

Features of our systems:

  • Built for Mobile
  • Use HTML 5 technology
  • Secure Multi User
  • SMS Integration
  • Communications
  • Automated where possible

We dont take short cuts to deliver the best systems.